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Welcome to Avalon Rifle Werx

As a boy, I spent my summers on our family’s farm in southern Indiana. It was a fairly large farming operation, focused on grain and dairy production. I learned a lot about mechanical things: How to fix them when they broke. How to weld. How to drive a tractor and truck many years before I had a driver’s license, and even a combine. Also, I learned about firearms. They were tools. And like other farm tools, one had to learn

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From Marksman to Magpie

Why the global rifle industry needs to address the luxury market in a new way For anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that I like my shiny things. From timepieces to cars, to an entire collection of so-called executive toys, there is definitely a theme when it comes to my stuff. So, with a proclivity towards high-end luxury goods, I often wonder why the modern sporting rifle industry generally falls short—after all, as an avid gun enthusiast I can

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