The Avalon AR Platform

As a firearms enthusiast, you want to know that your sporting rifle is purpose-built and precise. At Avalon, that’s what we do. We help ensure accurate marksmanship by utilizing the best stainless steel button rifled barrels and barrel blanks. We billet cut and lighten our receivers. We use proprietary ambidextrous control components. All to help you enjoy an optimal sporting experience by producing the best built rifles in the marketplace.

Even though our ARW-15 modern sporting rifle has a monolithic aesthetic, we build them on a standardized platform. You can, therefore, exchange other mil-spec parts to achieve full interoperability. With such standardization, we ensure our ARW-15 rifle works in extreme temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions.

At Avalon, we nickel boron coat the bulk of the ARW-15 rifle’s parts, selectively finishing with a Cerakote thin-film ceramic coating, giving it a hard finish that is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. And, depending on the specific application, our bolt carriers are machined from titanium, finished with titanium nitride, or steel coated with nickel boron.

We use nothing but match-grade bolts, and our barrels are also match-grade and capable of sub-MOA (Minute of Angle).  Our 224 Valkyrie precision rifle comes with a head-spaced bolt, matched to the barrel.

ARW-15, our modern sporting rifle, is hand-assembled—by people like you. People who value precision and perfection.